vdB 150 (Cep)

vdB 150 (Cep)

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Date/Site: 10. and 11. October 2018. Remote observatory on the AAR club's site in Presberg
R: 20 x 180 seconds,
G: 18 x 180 seconds,
B: 24 x 180 seconds,
Ha: 13 x 300 seconds
O3: 15 x 300 seconds (-20°C)
Camera: QSI 632 with Astronomik Type II-Filters
250mm f/4 Newton with Baader RCC1 on 10Micron GM1000 HPS
Guiding: Lodestar attached to a 61mm-finder,
focusing with Microtouch and FocusMax,
data acquired remotely using CCD-Commander and MaximDL 6,
calibration: MaximDL 6, processing: PixInsight 1.8

And the RGB-version without the narrowband-data:



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